High Cour Enforcement Officers Association
High Cour Enforcement Officers Association
High Cour Enforcement Officers Association

Welcome to the home of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association's Website

The High Court Enforcement Officers Association formerly known as The Sheriffs Officers Association was formed over 124 years ago. Its continued aim is to represent all its members and to provide a voice to Government.

Today, this role has developed by not only providing a voice to Government but working with Government by improving and implementing changes to current and proposed regulations.  We continue to raise our standards of enforcement through improved training, codes of conduct and regulation, ensuring that we provide not only an effective enforcement service that enables Creditors to recover the Judgments, but also that all parties that are subjected to those Judgments are treated in a fair, ethical and proportional manner.

Following the introduction of Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers in 2004, the Government has insisted that before authorising any High Court Enforcement Officer, the individual seeking authorisation obtain Associate Membership status of this Association.

The Association takes this responsibility seriously, and has developed a training programme to ensure that only those persons reaching our very high standards in both knowledge and conduct are admitted as full Members. By becoming members you are agreeing to the very standards of knowledge and our code of conduct.

As you navigate our website you will discover useful information about High Court Enforcement, including who the Association’s Authorised Officers are, our regulations, code of conduct, as well as many frequently asked questions. Should you feel you have a need to complain, details of our complaints procedures can also be found.

We do hope that you find our information helpful, and please feel free to contact us should you need any further information or help.

Martin Leyshon        Chairmain of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association 

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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    SHOCKINGLY, it was reported that a French 12th century cleric of the Court of Phillippe of Alsace first coined the phrase “Rome, as they say, was not built in a day” – and how true that saying is, and it remains one of the well-coined powerhouse catchphrases of today.

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