• HMCTS Reform Update - June 2019

HMCTS Reform Update

Recently I read with interest the summer 2019 HMCTS reform programme update, noting with disappointment, that the end date for the project has been pushed back until July 2021 with the next updates to the programme not due until summer 2020 and potentially only being around Possessions.

These reforms while both complex and extensive for the courts and tribunals service will deliver improved access to the courts with a modern, fresh system fit for the 21st century. Consequently, access to Writs of Control will also be improved with enhanced digital systems for obtaining writs and a streamlined process.

Once the beta testing has been completed for individual case handling, corporate and bulk user accesses will be developed so all users will be able to gain the benefits of the improved service and benefit from savings in both time and cost.

Last year HMCTS carried out several consultation sessions, which I was fortunate enough to be involved in, both in my capacity as board member of the HCEOA and as a HCEO, it is therefore of some personal disappointment that these developments are now being delayed.

I have met and spoken with a number of creditors who make use of the new online system for obtaining judgments (found on the website) and they have all commented to me how much easier it has been to use and navigate. In my work with the Association I have seen the ideas for the next stages with helping individual creditors select the different enforcement options with streamlined systems…..

I do hope that this delay is short-lived and doesn’t lead to more extensive problems or worse still a shelving of the project altogether. My hope is that the reform team ensure this is not delayed further or lost entirely as all stakeholders who can benefit from these changes need and deserve these improvements.


Michael Jackson


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