• Enforcement activity during the Covid-19 pandemic

High Court enforcement activity is being undertaken in an appropriate, flexible and sensitive manner that reflects the challenges we are all facing as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Our members are following the letter and the spirit of UK Government and Welsh Assembly legislation and guidance as it changes as we move through this challenging time, where there are some restrictions placed on activity across society.

Our members are able to continue to support UK businesses and others to collect unpaid debts in a number of ways at the moment. This includes:

  • Sending Notices of Enforcement advising people they have an unpaid debt that needs to be dealt with
  • Telephoning to discuss matters on the phone
  • Visiting both commercial and residential premises whilst employing best practice social distancing and hygiene standards

The Association has developed and adopted a best practice COVID-19 plan called ‘A Flexible and Sympathetic Approach to Enforcement’ which will guide all our members’ activities at all times throughout this period - click here to view it.

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